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1. The product only includes the heating coaster, and other experimental accessories are not included in the picture.
2. It can only keep warm water, water can't boil.
3. This product only comes with USB cable, excluding plug.
4. Be sure to use DC5V/2A power plug, otherwise the insulation effect will be affected.

1. It is made of high-quality plastic materials, safe, non-toxic, tasteless and hygienic.
2. It can be used to heat milk, tea, coffee, etc.
3. Light weight, easy to carry, and won't take up too much space.
4. It can be used repeatedly, durable and long-term.
5. Third gear temperature regulation.
6. Suitable for schools, dormitories and offices, easy to use coasters.

Product name: USB heating coaster
Material: aluminum alloy tempered glass
Size: 7 * 102 mm
Voltage: DC 5V/2A
Power: 8-10W
Switches: connecting switches
Safety protection: automatic shutdown after working for 8 hours

Operating instructions: heating gear 3.
1. The first time you touch the switch to raise the gear, the red indicator light will be on
2. Touch the switch again to open the middle gear, and the blue indicator light will light up
3. Touch the switch to start the low gear for the third time, and it will light up the green indicator light

Packing list:
Heating pad x1pc

USB Coffee Mug Cup Warmer Milk Tea Water Cup Heating Electric Touch Pad

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