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Product information:
Material: ABS
Size: 23.5 * 15 * 9.5cm
Current: 5V
Power supply type: wireless USB
Specification: portable air pump - wireless pointer
Type: inflator pump inflator

How to use:
1. Check whether the battery is fully charged
2. Open the switch
3. Charging battery USB shows red for normal charging, green for full charge
4. The charging time is about 3-4 hours, and the full charge can last about 20-30 minutes

1. Do not use it under direct sunlight or high temperature and pressure
2. Do not use gasoline or volatile detergent to wipe the body
3. This product is a vehicle tool. Children are not allowed to use it alone to avoid danger
4. Under normal conditions, it can be used for half an hour and has no impact on your car
5. After using this product, please turn off the switch,
6. In order to make the charging pump work better, please pause for about 10 minutes and then open it
7. The product should be repaired according to the instructions,
8. This product is not a toy, please do not let children play alone to avoid danger

Packing list:
Host X1PCS
Air nozzle X1Set
Instruction in Chinese and English X1PCS
USB charging cable X1PCS
Chinese and English color box X1PCS

Portable Vehicle Mounted Charging

SKU: CJJT1652745-1
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