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Product information:

Technical parameter:
1, Input voltage: 1.5-3V
2, Output voltage: 5V
3, Output current: 500MAH-1500MAH
4, color; black, blue, red, other colors can be customized according to customer requirements
5, Use two batteries, the most common 5/AA batteries, or 5 rechargeable NiMH batteries
6, Built-in DC-DC boost circuit, use two batteries to boost 5V, install a new AA battery

When the power of the dry battery is insufficient, the dry battery will heat up. For example, the 5th NiMH rechargeable battery will not heat up.
7, Built-in protection circuit, when the AA battery in the charger is exhausted or the device battery is full, the charger will automatically disconnect and stop charging
8. You can charge your smartphone/MP3/MP4/PSP/GPS... anytime and anywhere with just two batteries (easy to buy AA size 5/battery)
9. Output USB: MICRO USB

Packing list:


Outdoor Portable Android Phone Emergency Charger

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