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*1. Universal seat gap filler fits 99% of vehicles, suitable for both left and right seats thanks to the resilient materials.

*2. Fill the gap between the car seat and the console, leak-proof filler strip prevents kets, lighters, mobile phones, cards from sliding into the gaps.

*3. Stuffed with PU material, odorless, comfortable to the touch, and durable.

*4. Designed with a hole, the gap filler does not cover the seat belt buckle, which means you can use the safety belt normally.

*5. 5cm thick and elastic strip fits perfectly into the gap after installation.

Product information:

Product name: seat gap plug
Product material: polyurethane
Product specification: one pair
Product color: black/green
Product function: prevent objects from falling and fill gaps
Applicable model: universal model

Packing list:

Storage strip * 1pcs/2pcs

New Car Interior Car Seat Anti Dropping Storage Strip

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