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1. You can easily perform amazing magic tricks with great skill that will amaze your friends and family. It contains full instructions to guide you to this trick.
2. The money maker magic trick will surely keep the audience engaged, tricked, and amazed. The realistic looking sure to surprise anybody, and extremely baffling.
3. Whether a beginner or an expert in stage magic, this is a must-have for their routine. Practice makes it perfect to perform with ease.
4. This magical money printing machine is perfect for all those who are interested in performing entertaining magic tricks.

Product information:
Product category: white paper banknote
Material: plastic
Color: magic banknote printing machine
Size: 11.9x6.4x2.3cm

Magic effect:
This product is a magic prop elaborately made of high-quality materials. It has high quality and outstanding performance effect, and has always been popular in magic. The magician puts a piece of white paper into the magic banknote printing machine, and when it comes out from the other end, it becomes a banknote, and the magician can print whatever denomination he wants to print, or the magician puts the audience's banknote into the banknote printing machine, and when it comes out from the other end, the banknote becomes white again. Welcome friends to our shop to buy products. I will serve you wholeheartedly and make your shopping the happiest thing. This item only includes props, not others. Self prepared paper currency and white paper, applicable to all kinds of paper currency.

Packing list:

Magic Banknote Money Printing Machine White Paper Into Banknote Magic Money

SKU: CJJT1656044-1
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