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1. Instant setup in minutes.
2. The outdoor tent (outdoor tent) can be used as a canopy.
3. Large space, suitable for family camping tents, can sleep 3~4 people.
4. Well ventilated, with 2 gates in and out.
5. Good waterproof fabric.

Product Information:

Support pole material:Fiberglass pole

Construction situation: Free of construction and quick opening

Spatial structure: One bedroom

Style function: Mountaineering, Fishing, Waterproof, Picnic, windproof, cycling, ultra-lightweight, night fishing

Outdoor account waterproof factor: 1000mm (inclusive)-1500mm (not included)

Waterproof factor of bottom tent: 1000mm (inclusive)-1500mm (not included)

Support rod: Glass fiber

Base material: Oxford cloth

Inner account: Silver tape

Foreign account: Silver tape

Size Information:

Double size: 210*150*130cm

3to4 people size:200*200*145cm

Packing List:


Automatic Tent Spring Type Quick Opening Sunscreen

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